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4. theking19950   (22/Dec/2012 16:31)
Hmm that sounds queer but if you could send me the map somehow i could test it for you.

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3. mehbeh   (17/Dec/2012 23:14) E-mail

Watched your worldbuilder tutorial and i followed every step in it and made a map which is close to identical to the one you made there. But when i want to test it out ingame, it won't show on the list ingame.
i saved the map and exported heightmap as shown in the video, and the maps are at the right location ( i have several other maps there already that works).
players are added
i gave the map a name under " map settings"

But still it wont show up ingame, i tried to test it on several computers, but with no success. I've had this problem before with one or two maps downloaded from bfme2.heavengames, put them in the right directory and all of that, but the map just wouldnt show ingame. And looking in the map folder it looks ok with all the files i assume should be there.

I would really appreciate some help with this problem as I really wanna get into making a couple of maps to play with friends.

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2. ahmet dag [theking19950]   (19/Jul/2011 11:27)
Maybe you don't unpack the zip file

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1. Lars Ladoela [Kramortex]   (18/Jul/2011 14:58) E-mail
I have 3 maps downloaded in C: - Users - ... - Appdata - Roaming - My bfme2 files - Maps
but it doesn't work! I can't play those maps! wacko
Can somebody help me please?? angel
gr. Kramortex


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