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Who/What is theking19950?

theking19950 is a BFME 2 & CoH player and a map creator. He is the owner of this website and all the maps you'll find here is completely by himself.

What can I do on this website?

On this website you can download BFME 2 maps & CoH maps by theking19950 you also can watch them before you download them. You can learn how to make a map on BFME2 worldbuilder because our good tutorial posted by theking19950. You can write questions to Guestbook and other players and also theking19950 will answer them. And much more.

How do I load the maps on my BFME2 Game?

Go to your Harddisk. Open Users. Then AppData and then Roaming. Open the fille My Battle for Middle Earth 2 filles. There is a folder named Maps. Add all your maps there.

WINDOWS 7 and VISTA USERS. For all Win 7 and Win Vista users I know that you'll not find the fille to write that C:\Users\name\AppData don't Copy that change the name with your pc name. after that press right klick in the folder and make it unhidden and then you'll see everything and it is like writen up there.

How do I make a own created map?

If you don't know how to make a map then go to BFME2 Map make tutorial. There you'll find everything you need to make a map. CoH tutorial coming soon.

For what is this website?

This website is for helping other players to find their wish map or create a own one. So it is little bit like a Community.

What if there is not the question answered that I want?

If not all your Questions are answered then go to Guestbook and write there your Question the other players and theking19950 will help you.

What advantages it has if I register my self on this website?

You will be abled to add your maps on this maps. You will be abled to get a job on this website and work for it.

How do I add a costum CoH map?

go to C:\Users\(UserName)\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\WW2\Data\Scenarios\MP and add this map there, IF YOU DON'T HAVE SCENARIOS AND MP JUST ADD THEM ASNEW FOLDERS!

How do I play a costum CoH map?

If you added your map then make a shortcut of CoH and make the target :

"C:\Program Files (x86)\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev

then you can just play it in Skirmish


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